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Vesa Salmi is an independent supervisor and consultant for varous kinds of organizations, main focus in the field of healthcare and social services. Previously Vesa worked for SOSTE as a senior advisor. (2013-2019) Until 2013 he worked for the ASPA Foundation.

Vesa is a Registered Nurse specialized in psychiatry by first training, and has an MA degree in philosophy. He runs a one-man company for musical activities, vocational training and supervision.

Until 2021 or 2022 Vesa is a psychotherapist trainee, in a training group organized by Therapeia Foundation in cooperation with and supervised by Helsinki University.

As a part of his work in ASPA until spring 2013, Vesa cooperated with European Colleagues in EASPD,  mainly in issues related to the use of ICT in services for persons with disabilities.

In addition to musical activities, Vesa works with Helsinki-based amateur theatre company Teatteri Kultsa. He has published four albums and a non-fiction book on work (Vapauden rajat – filosofien sitaatteja työstä ja elämästä – the limits of Freedom, philosophical essays and citations on work life and life in general, Otava 2005), and a  book on psychiatric outpatient rehabilitation (2006). In addition,  Vesa occasionally writes articles and book reviews.